Back by popular demand!


Sea of Wolves and Nomads are two of my best here at Betty’z Edje!  Sea of wolves is designed and made in Nelson BC.  Made with Bamboo and cotton blend material, they are supper comfy, have original graphics and are hand made by your neighbours!   Nomads has been a thriving business for many years and is known for there unique tailoring and they are also made with 95% natural fibres!

Local Designers.

Sea Of Wolves, NOMADS and Beneath the Boddhi Tree, U.S.E.D. Black Drop and more.

Soulful Sister

Soulful Sister makes all natural, organic & fair trade room & body products! 

Soulful Sister Aromatherapy Ltd. is based in Victoria, BC

It has grown over the past ten years into the fabulous copmpany it is today! Supplying over 50 retail stores across Canada.

You can find them online as well they like to keep the customers up to date on what they are doing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pintrest.


Gussied up and new at Betty’z Edje! 💋

 Some of the awesome new items you can find at Betty’z Edje this summer! 
SOW bamboo distressed tank dress

  Body chain vest by LostArrow

Bamboo Tank dress by SOW

 Solace tunic by NOMADS with Bamboo Braided tights by Betty’z Edje

  SOW bamboo charger legging

  SOW bamboo priestess legging

  SOW bamboo tank dress and leggings

  Green Bean up-cycled reversible vest

  U.S.E.D. Bags



  U.S.E.D.  Shoulder bag with waist belt, great for riding your bike!  

  U.S.E.D belt   Green Bean multi scarf and NOMADS Akira legging

 Green Bean reversible vest   NOMADS Bamboo, organic cotton and hemp Babydoll dress

  GREEN BEAN  Green Bean multi infinity scarf

 SOW bamboo distressed Boyfriend sweater

Vistige pottery

Jaqueline has created a unique blend of glazes for her pottery, that are as interesting as the characters, and wild life of our beautifully rugged country! 

She paints in beeswax, not knowing until each piece emerges from the kiln, exactly what each animal or scene is going to look like. 



Giselle and Tim, taking metal to a new level.

A trib of free spirited Designers that would like to share there love of nature with us through original creations.  They pride themselves on making one of a kind, hand crafted treasures just for you!  


U.S.E.D at Betty’z Ejde

U.S.E.D is a company out or Revelstoke that recycles seat belts from junkyards before the vehicles get crushed!  Such a great way to Renew, Reuse and Recycle!  Strong fun and functional bags, purses, laptop carriers, belts and more!

   Love the laptop carriers and travel bags

  Many of U.S.E.D’s bags are multi functional

  So many beautiful colors to choose from


  Belts that fit perfectly 



Betty’z at the beach in May!

The weather in Nakusp has been epic and we are moving fast into summer.  Betty’z Edje has new clothing designers from all over BC.  Bringing in more comfort fashion’s made fair trade, from natural fibers and organic material!

Nomads(Winlaw), Maha Devi(Vancouver),Phoenix Fire(Smither), Kates Vintage(Nakusp), Chrotchety Sisters(Vernon) and more!