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shop top Betty’z Edje is a magical place to find Local Art, Mixed Media pieces, Organic Apparel, Bath and Beauty products, Gifts such as Unique Pottery, Jewellery and more!  65% of the products have been designed right here in our beautiful province!  Owner and Manager Autumn Grossutti has spent the last three years creating a beautiful boutique where many artists are showcased!

Recently moved to a more downtown central location, with more room for more great stuff!


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Back by popular demand!


Sea of Wolves and Nomads are two of my best here at Betty’z Edje!  Sea of wolves is designed and made in Nelson BC.  Made with Bamboo and cotton blend material, they are supper comfy, have original graphics and are hand made by your neighbours!   Nomads has been a thriving business for many years and is known for there unique tailoring and they are also made with 95% natural fibres!

Local Designers.

Sea Of Wolves, NOMADS and Beneath the Boddhi Tree, U.S.E.D. Black Drop and more.

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